Autumn Wedding Tricks You Won’t Have Thought Of

Are you planning an autumn wedding for 2019 or just adding the final touches to your up and coming nuptials?

With The Old Rectory Wedding Venue in Essex we have a long list of wedding hacks you might have forgot to make sure your wedding day goes without a hitch. Providing weddings all year round for many years now, we are well aware of the necessary, the quirky and the autumn hacks your wedding will need.
Following Festivities

Autumn brings with it lots of festivities to follow including Halloween, Bonfire Night and the changing seasons. With cooler weather and autumn foliage a plenty you have the perfect opportunity to make the most of it with your wedding plans.

Some of the most common autumn trends include warm spices, comforting recipes, home cooked foods and orange, browns and warm colours. With various tactics to incorporate the theme into your wedding you can either do it on the small side or go all out.

Why not add warm spiced cocktails to your menu or use the fallen leaves and flowers from outside in your bouquets? You could even use pumpkins in your centre pieces or bins of apples for your table plan.

Check out our gallery to see for yourself the previous themes we have had at The Old Rectory.
Warm and Thick Fabrics

Summer weddings bring with it floaty fabrics, brighter colours, cooler accessories and thicker fabrics to keep you and your bridal party warm when the colder wind blows. Think of luscious velvets, warm tones and throws so that you can keep your shoulders warm, your feet comfortable and still enjoy your day.

Martha Stewart Weddings have 16 velvet wedding ideas right here, boasting high heels, invitations, welcome packs and more. Ranging from large pieces to minor details, you can give your guests the feeling of luxury without having to pay for it.
Welcome Snacks and Beverages

You have to always think of your guests who will have often travelled far and wide to be a part of your big day. When they arrive, with it being colder, they may need a warm beverage to keep them warm while they wait for the bride to arrive.

Mulled wine is often a drink of choice when the weather starts to turn and warm ciders that will warm you from the inside out. When paired with warm snacks, sugary donuts fresh from the cooker and even toffee apples in the mix, you are sure to welcome your guests to autumn wedding appropriately.
Outdoor Wedding?

If you are planning on having your autumn wedding outside, you can most definitely make the most of the autumn features outside. With pine cones, fruits, foliage and berries right on your doorstep, or aisle for that matter, you can decorate your wedding with ease and not have to break the bank in the meantime.

Weddingomania recently published 39 natural and simple pinecone wedding ideas which included cake toppers, wedding favours, bouquets, centre pieces and more which you can check out here.
Warmth for Your Guests

Like in our previous blogs where we have stated the emergency check list you need at your wedding, you can’t forget to think of your guests first. Although it is your big day, your guests will be doing a lot of waiting around and in the cold weather this can be extremely cold for them to do.

Provide them with baskets of blankets, a warm place inside to have a drink and some canapes and your guests are sure to be more than happy!
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