Crafty Wedding Favours You Will Love

Creating wedding favours that you will love and your guests will appreciate can be a challenge on its own. The Old Rectory Wedding Venue have seen our fair share of wedding favours over the years and below are some tips and tricks for creating memorable favours of your own.

When it comes to choosing the wedding favours on your tables, there are various routes you can take with style, price and size. Take a look below at the ideas we have and adapt them to suit your own taste and special day.
Favours to Look At

If you are wanting purely decorative favours and what to give your guests something to look at, there are endless opportunities for what you could deliver here. Avoiding the feeling of favours being props, you could personalise each item to suit your table centrepieces as well as your guests too.

Think of items that will stand out on your table rather than the usual name place and bagged sweets. A common theme for vintage weddings is a tea and saucer set with personalised names and often filled with flowers or edible sweets.

Favours You Can Keep

A lot of wedding favours in this modern day are keepsakes and something for your guests to keep and take away. Giving your guests a gift for sharing your special day with you makes it that extra bit special for them also and also gives them a memory they can cherish forever.

Some couples are choosing dried flowers from the bouquet design in jars, summer weddings are opting for personalised fans and we have even seen a spike in candles becoming popular wedding favours. Whatever you choose, if you are going for a keepsake option, make sure it fits the theme of your wedding and is something that your guests will love to keep.

Favours for Green Fingers

Something for those green fingered friends out there is personalised seeds in packets, mini cacti and even small flower pots. These are a great touch if you have a rustic wedding and really get your guests talking for months to follow about whether theirs is still alive or not!

Favours You Can Eat

Everyone loves an edible wedding favour but rather than following the traditional hard mints or sugar-coated almonds, why not change it up to your favourite sweets or something that matches your theme?

Vintage weddings could match with vintage mint tin favours, modern weddings could include a modern twist on edible favours or you can even get extra cakes made and have little cupcakes as your favours so everyone can get a taste of the big day.

Favours You Can Drink

A strong favourite for modern weddings is a small shot jar, a small bottle of alcohol or a shot glass personalise with the date of the wedding. Why not give your guests something to sip on while you make your speeches and personalise it with a little tag especially for them.

“We’ve tied the knot, now take a shot” is popular as well as “Drink Me” or even create a drink package with a mixer too! We have also seen couples create drinks vouchers for each guest, which can be taken and redeemed at the bar (but obviously this can get pricey as you will actually have to pay for those drinks at some point!).

Favours to Pamper Your Guests

Your guests may have had a long day watching you enjoy your nuptials so why not offer them a little pamper item to take away with them. A small jar of your favourite moisturiser, a bath bomb so they can soak their tired feet or some homemade bath scrub that they can enjoy in their own time.

Personal touches like this will really get your guests talking about your wedding day for years to come.

Other Wedding Favours to Include

Other items that will make your special day one to remember for you and your guests include:

Flip flops for their tired feet
Sparklers to enjoy when the sun sets
Bags of environmentally friendly confetti
Personalised CD’s with the couple’s songs on
Temporary tattoos
Baubles for Christmas weddings

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