Don’t Forget About Your Wedding Guests!

When it comes to your wedding day it can be so easy to get caught up in the minor details and forget about what really matters.

Your guests essentially make your wedding the day it is to remember (unless you are keeping it private and small). In most weddings, you can focus your whole day around the bride and groom but let’s not forget, how important your guests really are.

The Old Rectory Wedding Venue in Essex always put our guests first and being present at many weddings, we are well aware of how important guests are on your big day.
Lots of Memories

Your big day will be filled with loving memories, memorable people and new memories you will cherish for life. While you are creating new moments to take with you on your journey, you will remember who was there and who helped you make them as well.

This plays a huge part in who you invite to your big day. In most cases, your actual ceremony is full of family and close friends that really mean a lot to you, otherwise, what’s the point? No one really wants a room full of mostly strangers, so inviting people you don’t really know isn’t always a wise choice.

Carefully choose your guests and how much they mean to you because the memories of your big day will last forever.
Candid Photo Shots

Although you may hire an expensive photographer to capture all of the important moments of your big day, it really is your guests who take the most impressionable photos. Candid photographs are the ones you will you cherish, those caught off guard moments and those memories from all angles that your photographer can’t sometimes always get.

Whether you place cameras on your tables or ask all guests to use a certain hashtag when posting on social media, you will be able to get thousands of wedding photos without spending a penny! You can also get those all-important guest photographs that are often missed when all the focus is on the bride and groom as Jordan Huarez said via Facebook, “I wish we had gotten more pictures of our guests”.
Guest Book Autographs

A lot of weddings here at The Old Rectory Wedding Venue in Essex have placed guest books at the entrance of their wedding reception to get some touching quotes from their guests. Your guests have lived through your relationship with you and are here to celebrate your wedding day with you, so why not get a lovely message from them to read in a week, month or years’ time?

Most couples save their wedding guest books to read on their 1-year anniversary, to look back and see what their guests thought of their day and the kind words they had to say about the couple.
Food Is More Important Than You Think

You can be so busy sometimes planning your flowers, cars, dresses, suits, photographers and the minor pieces to forget about how much food you will actually need. Whether you are planning a sit-down meal or a buffet, you need to remember that some of your guests will have gone a fair few hours without food and will be hungry!

Also, it pays to not forget about feeding your vendors that can be present too. Your photographers, DJ’s, videographer or your wedding planner can all be there from dusk till dawn so making sure everyone is fed, watered and happy will really make your day one to remember.

“Be sure to take a break during the reception to enjoy your food–even if you have to do it when everyone else is on the dance floor”, Columbus Bride and Groom.
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