February is The Month of Love

With more than 1 billion valentines’ cards exchanged every year, Valentines really spreads the love and The Old Rectory love to see it in its most natural form, on your wedding day.
Why Do We Celebrate Valentines?

The 14th of February of every year sees the whole world celebrate Valentine’s Day no matter whether you are single, in a relationship, married or in a civil partnership. But where did it come from?

St Valentine is the wonder behind Valentine’s Day and is what gets us all loved up every year the day comes round. With several stories of who he actually was, St. Valentine could have been either a priest from Rome or just the average guy but either way he created one of the most celebrated days in history, way back in the third Century AD.

As the story goes, he was helping couples get married behind Emperor Claudius’ II back and was thrown in jail for his actions. Following his time in jail, he fell deeply in love with the prison guard’s daughter which sadly got him beheaded, after sending a final love letter of course, signed ‘From your Valentine’.
Roses, A Dozen to Be Precise

The rose has been seen as a symbol of love for some time now and since the early 1700’s has been used to show affection in all ages. This act was brought to Europe by Charles II of Sweden and was quickly known as the ‘language of flowers’ which saw ladies throughout the 18th-century jump on the flower as a somewhat meaningful dictionary description.

It also helped that the rose was favoured by Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, making it more popular than ever for showing romance.
Planning A Valentines Wedding?

Whether you are looking for last-minute features for this year or are looking ahead to 2018, you can get some great tips from our coordinators here at The Old Rectory when it comes to Valentine’s weddings.

As Valentines is all about love, why not incorporate your wedding day with the romantic event?
Minor Accents

If you want to keep your wedding day as far from commercial as possible but still celebrate Valentines, you can add minor features throughout your wedding. These include red flowers in your bouquet, red table decorations and maybe heart-shaped accessories.

Another way of keeping it clean cut is by using the other side of Valentines, known as Cupid. As the god of desire, erotic love, affection, attraction and being the son of Venus, he definitely brings the romance to anything he is involved with.

Create cupid arrow invitations like this couple here on Martha Stewart Weddings.
Go All Out

If Valentines is your thing and you want your wedding day to go down in history, then why stop at red accents? Go all the way with a red wedding dress and heads will defiantly turn as you walk down the aisle.

From heart confetti to red velvet wedding cakes, the limits are endless when it involves love and your special day. Other features to incorporate the two events include:

Custom ring boxes
Heart shaped programmes
Relaxed, romantic setting
Mood lighting
Love bouquets
Sweetheart favour boxes

How about scattered red roses down the both sides of the aisle to really personalise the event and add romance from top to toe.
Get in Touch

If you want to hear about our vacancies for next year and the following, simply call us on 01268 544417. Whatever you want at your wedding, we can accommodate for your needs, after all it is your special day!

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