How To Be The Best, Best Man You Could Be

If you have been given the prestigious role of best man at an upcoming wedding, below are some tips on how you can shine in the role from start to finish.

Being a best man comes with a lot of responsibility and also a lot of planning, whether you like it or not. Forget being the male version of the maid of honour and make this role all about the groom and you will ace it perfectly. After all, “the Best Man must serve as the Groom’s right hand”, Azazie.
Stag Do or Bachelor Party

Whatever you call it, stag do or bachelor party, you will need to make sure this runs smoothly from start to finish and make your groom be thankful he appointed you in the role. This could be a night out, a weekend away or an event you and the groomsmen attend together but whatever it is you choose you need to make sure it is something your groom would enjoy, not just yourself.

The idea is that he will only get to enjoy this time once in his life, so make it count!
Check On Him Throughout Planning

When it comes to weddings, a lot of people often forget that the groom is also involved when the bride is planning all the minor details. It is often the groom who gets the wrath of a stressed bride and can sometimes feel a little left out in the planning process of the special day in his life.

Check on your groom every now and again, ask him how the planning process is going and make sure he is enjoying the planning just as much as the bride is. He will appreciate this more than you will understand and will also give you some great add on’s for your speech if he had a groomzilla moment at any point along the way.
Get Him Excited

Getting your groom excited for his big day is your main responsibility. While all the buzz will be around the bride’s dress, the venue and the party at night, he will need hyping up throughout the day and the days running up to the wedding to remember that this is the best day of his life marrying his other half that he loves.

Even if you are single yourself and finding it hard to be happy for your taken pal, put your own worries aside and be happy for him.
Help Wherever You Can

Rather than starting with “Let me know when I can help”, go straight in with “Let me do this” and watch your groom be very thankful for your assistance. Whether it is something as small as collecting the suits, delivering a gift to the bride or just sorting a pint on the morning to calm his nerves, let him know you have got his best interests at heart but always be careful not to take over.
Find Out About The Guests

Being the best man it is more than likely that you will already know about the majority of the guests but if you don’t, do your research. The more you know about his special guests, the easier it will be when you are mingling before and after the ceremony and reception. It also comes in handy when arranging photographs so that enemies don’t end up hand in hand in a professional photograph!

Knowing more about the guests will also give you plenty of ammo for your big speech and will make you feel comfortable addressing them all later on.
Speech, Speech, Speech!

The part you will probably be dreading, the speech is one of the most important elements of your role as best man. However, you choose to deliver your best man speech, whatever you choose to say and no matter what you choose to include, you need to make sure you get it right – no pressure!

The best man speech has been a wedding tradition for years and years of weddings and is one of the most looked forward to part by guests and couples alike. When writing your speech try to think of the audience that will be hearing it, some iconic moments to include between you and the groom and ALWAYS mention how good the bride and bridesmaids look.
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