Plan Your Wedding Budget Carefully

We all know that weddings can cost ‘an arm and a leg’ if not planned carefully.

So The Old Rectory Wedding Venue Essex are here to help you plan your wedding budget to the final pence so that you get no costly surprises along the way.

Start with A Planner

All wedding planning should start with a clear plan in mind as to what you are looking for and what theme you have always dreamt of. There is no use in starting wedding planning without a clear wedding budget as you could end up off track, spending money on items you don’t need and wasting time with plans you don’t need.

The Old Rectory Wedding Venue in Essex have put together a plan and list to check off as you plan but don’t worry, not everything on this list may apply to your wedding. Choose the items you want, set your own budgets and make your wedding one to remember as the biggest day of your life.

We love to help our guests keep their costs down and we will help with keeping your wedding affordable without sacrificing your dreams. You can still have beautiful fresh flowers, gorgeous dresses and smart suits without breaking the bank as long as you plan carefully and only pay for items you really need to make your day special.Keeping Costs Down
Get in Touch

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