Valentines Weddings to Dream Of

If you are dreaming of romance and wanting to link your wedding with the month of love, The Old Rectory Wedding Venue in Essex are here to offer some magical valentines inspiration.

Every year we have couples looking to get married at our venue as close to valentines as possible and we love seeing what inspiration they have taken to really bring cupid, valentines and love to their wedding themes.
Who Is St. Valentine?

Valentine’s Day falls on 14th February every year and is the usual tradition of couples and singles celebrate their love for one another and gifting objects like flowers, chocolates and heart-shaped items. But why do we do this you may ask?

It was St. Valentine, the famous saint, who made Valentine’s Day what it is today. With various stories describing who he actually was, the most common theory is that he descended from Roman history which has now developed into Christian celebrations and has been commercialised all over the world.
Cupid Arrows Theme

The cupids arrow is one of the most popular sightings you will see in the month of February and especially with modern wedding designs. Arrows are now a massive trend in the eyes of love, bohemian styles and shabby chic weddings trying to keep the costs down without losing the essence of romance.

The whimsical nature of the cupid’s bow and arrow can be applied to various parts of your wedding like in cake designs, wedding invitations, boutonnieres and wherever you think they fit!
Reds, Pinks and the Colours of Love

Mixing bright reds and soft pinks with crisp whites highlights the elegance, romance and lust that comes with any wedding, especially Valentine’s Day wedding. The special event that comes around once a year is synonymous with the colours of pink and red on all kinds of hues, so whether you choose to make it your main colour theme or just added as an accent colour, you can incorporate it in so many ways you’ll be stuck for choice!

Think flowers, centrepieces, bridesmaid’s dresses or even ask your guests to bring the colour scheme with them in their outfit choices.
Handmade Touches

Adding to the special nature of a valentines wedding is simple through the use of handmade items with extra love and attention. It can be something as simple as handmade invitations with a personal touch to centrepieces that really catch the eye of your guests.

Country House Wedding Venues captured the handmade items perfectly with rustic candle holders, hanging designs and personalised centrepieces that are often best created from natural materials like oak, wood and greenery.
Sweet Treats All Round

Romance is often described as sweet and valentine’s day sees a lot of sweets and chocolates being given as gifts. You could incorporate this into your wedding theme with luscious edible centrepieces, sweet gifts for your guests, candy colour themes and special features that bring the magic of sweets to your wedding.

2018 has a strong theme of glitter and bright colours which have been incorporated into festivals, birthdays and celebration, so why not add this into your wedding theme with edible glitter and bright icing on your cakes?
Get in Touch

If you are looking to hold your valentines wedding at The Old Rectory Wedding Venue in Essex, give us a call on 01268 544 417 and check our availability for 2019 onwards. We look forward to seeing what our guests bring this year!

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