Wedding Fayres Change the Game in Wedding Planning

Are you planning your wedding? Are you looking for inspiration? Then you need to head to the nearest wedding fayre pronto!

The Old Rectory Wedding Venue in Essex encourage all of our wedding guests and couples to attend as many wedding fayres as possible in the hunt for inspiration, ideas, tips and tricks for their own wedding. With the ability to get creative, save pennies and visualise the wedding of your dreams there is no reason not to attend the next wedding fayre you see!
Previous Wedding Fayres

Here at The Old Rectory we quite regularly hold wedding fayres for our current and future guests to visit and really make a day out of it. With florists, photographers, hair stylists and even chair covers to view first hand, you can make a sound judgement on what you want and what you don’t want on your big day.

Our most recent wedding fayre was on the 5th March, from 10am – 4pm with free bubbly and canapes for the couples who came down for the day. It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who attended and was great to see many potential couples planning their big day with The Old Rectory.

Below are our top five tips for anyone thinking of attending a wedding fayre in the run-up to their big day.
Suit Your Style

Your wedding is one of the biggest day in your life and needs to match your personal style more than anything. There is no use in creating a wedding that doesn’t suit your personality, style and dreams because you will look back in the future and regret the decisions you made without a doubt.

When finding wedding fayres to attend, like the ones we hold here at The Old Rectory, you need to make sure they match the style you are hoping your dream day will follow. Whether that be traditional, modern, a theme or an outdoor wedding, it really pays to look around at your options before diving into any wedding fayre for the sake of it.
Stay Focused

It is so easy to get overwhelmed when attending wedding fayres. With an abundance of exhibitors showing off what they do best, it can be so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and buy into things you never even set out to look at.

Heading into a room full of dresses, flowers, pretty diamonds and cake will send anyone of the radar and will lead to bride-mania in no time at all.
Ask for Discounts

If you really are interested in something you see at a wedding fayre, then don’t be too shy to ask if there are any discounts involved with the product or service. A lot of exhibitors at the wedding fayres tend to keep discounts and bookings private until you commit, but there is no harm in asking!

We are sure that if a business thinks you are buying into their services, they are sure to want your custom either way.
Take Those Who Are Interested

We advise that you take along those from your wedding party who are interested in the days’ event. If your partner isn’t interested, don’t force them to go! It will only make the day stressful, tiring and not fun. Make sure you take someone with you who has great advice, knows how to say no to your wild ideas and certainly someone who won’t moan all day long about their feet hurting.

There is even an Instagram account at the moment that shows how miserable boyfriends and potential husbands get when you drag them round shops and things they don’t want to do, try not to join the stats and ask them if they want to attend or not!
Take Your Time!

Taking your time at wedding fayres is so important. Avoid rushing, take a look at every stand possible and think carefully before you commit to anything. We never want anyone walking out of a fayre feeling underwhelmed and we certainly don’t want anyone regretting purchasing what they felt pressured into buying.

As The Telegraph recently reported that all women “feel so pressured to ‘have it all’ by 30” we know only too well how guests can feel pressured into finding everything for their wedding in one day. Although everyone’s life goals lists look different, when it comes to wedding planning many brides, and grooms for that matter, feel pressured into arranging it as quickly as possible, which is totally not the case!
Get in Touch

To find out when our next wedding fayre will take place or to get some tips about planning your wedding, call us on 01268 544 417. We look forward to welcoming you into our establishment and can’t wait to see what you choose for your special day!

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