What Anniversary Gifts Should I Give to my Partner?

When it comes round to your one-year, two-years and even fifty-years wedding anniversary, there are certain gifts that are traditional for you to gift to your loved ones.

Whether you are the romantic type or not, gifting traditional gifts on your wedding anniversary really adds to the magic of a wedding and the happily married years you spend together. The Old Rectory Wedding Venue in Essex have put together a quick guide to the anniversary trends from your first year, right through to your 60th anniversary.
1st Anniversary

Your first wedding anniversary is one of the most special to celebrate. Once you have had your wedding and a honeymoon, the first year can be a real success and challenge. The traditional theme of this year is paper to symbolise the start of your story.

Think about gifting your loved one with a special book memoir, a newspaper from the day you were married or get artsy and create your own paper themed photo frame. Some unusual gifts include photo jigsaws, personalised stationery sets, postcards and even paperweights that work in well with the paper theme.
2nd Anniversary

Cotton is the theme for year two with popular gifts surrounding this theme being his and her clothing, bath towels and bedding sets from traditional cotton materials. If you are looking to add a modern twist on this theme, why not gift your loved one a personalised bathrobe or personalised tableware for your next dinner party?
3rd Anniversary

Your third anniversary theme is leather. It can be quite difficult to gift leather if you are still wanting to stay tasteful but think of leather handbags, shoes, gloves and even luxury coats to give your loved one a gift to remember.

The other years up until your tenth anniversary are as follows:

4th – Linen/Silk
5th – Wood
6th – Candy
7th – Wool
8th – Salt
9th – Copper
10th – Tin

20th Anniversary

After twenty years of marriage you and your loved one might grow tired of gifts but remember that a little gift can often go a long way in the eyes of love. This years’ anniversary theme is traditionally China and as such a delicate material, your gifts can be really sentimental and heartfelt.

Modern themes suggest that 20th anniversary is Platinum. Think platinum coated roses, jewellery and really showing your loved one through a precious metal how much they mean to you or mix the two together and gift your loved one a china dining set with platinum cutlery!
30th Anniversary

Traditionally this theme is pearl with items of jewellery being the most popular gift to give. However, modern traditions are proving that diamond is the 30th anniversary stone and if you are lucky enough to still be happily married at this stage, you shouldn’t be stuck for ideas on what to gift your loved one.
40th Anniversary

The year of the ruby is the 40th wedding anniversary with the traditional colour theme being red. The ruby is naturally associated with love and is a romantic alternative to other gemstones and diamonds. The ruby has traditionally been considered a meaning of victory in previous years and when given as a gift it symbolises a loyal devotion to the receiver over the last 40 years of marriage.
50th Anniversary

The year of your 50th anniversary is embodied by the precious metal gold. The 50th anniversary is considered a special anniversary because of its milestone year status that is both special and unique to those that reach the large number of fifty.

Gold represents the key factors in a marriage such as being flexible, resilient and luxurious. Gifting your loved one a gold item will further symbolise your long marriage, eternal perfection and the preciousness of your love for each other.
60th Anniversary

Reaching the large 60th wedding anniversary means that you can gift diamonds and white prestige items to your loved one. The gemstone of a diamond is deemed one of the most admired stones to achieve and with the colour theme being clean whites, your 60th anniversary is at the height of achievement in love and marriage.

Most modern gifts include jewellery pieces that symbolise your strength and affection over the last 60 years. Traditional gifts also include the orchid flower as this is also used to symbolise a significant length of time and strength.
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We want to congratulate all of our wedding guests and special couples, even those who are only just reaching their first anniversary. Any milestone is great to achieve so why not come and celebrate it with us here at The Old Rectory Wedding Venue in Essex.

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