Your Wedding Emergency Kit List

Are you worrying about every little detail on your wedding day? Well, you’re not alone!

After hosting hundreds of weddings over the years here in Essex, we are well aware of what some brides forget and what others excel in remembering. Below is a wedding emergency kit list so that you will never forget the small stuff and so you always have a backup plan for those big things you accidently forgot!
Wedding Planning Commences

Regardless of what stage of planning you are at with your wedding, you always need someone who knows what they are doing involved in the process. Whether you are a few months into your engagement or you are nearing the end of your preparations, having someone on your side like The Old Rectory can really make sure your day goes without a hitch.

What happens if there is a heat wave on your wedding day? What happens if there is a thunderstorm? Being in Britain, you have to be prepared for all weathers no matter what the weather man says!
Do I Need an Emergency Kit?

Yes of course you do. No one is ever 10% prepared for everything, so why leave it to chance? As no one knows your wedding plans as well as you do, only you can decide on the ‘what-ifs’ you need to cover. Don’t forget you might need to think about that insect bite from your photos in the tall grass and your garlic breath after your three-course meal.

Feel relaxed all day knowing your emergency kit is just a stone’s throw away and never have to worry again!
Personal Emergency Items

Although you will be thinking of your guests all day and how they are coping with the long day of smiles and champagne (they have it easy, right?!), you need to think about yourself. Granted you will have thought about your hair, makeup, dress, shoes and bag but have you thought about the emergency items you will need on your wedding day?

After working with many brides on their special day we know only too well which items are forgotten and which items are a blessing in disguise. These personal items that you need in your emergency kit include:

Spare hair grips
Grease blotting sheets for your face
Tissues (trust us, you will need them)
Mini perfumes
Make-up touch up tools
Hairspray and a comb for those pesky fly aways
Nail file
Breath mints

Don’t forget to bring a straw for the perfect smudge free drinking all day long!
Guest Emergency Items

Your guests should be prepared because all they have to do is turn up but always remember some of them will be more organised than others. They will probably forget the key ingredients anyone would need to be a guest at a wedding, so be prepared to have to provide it for them!

Confetti (and lots of it)
Cameras (disposable are cheaper)
Pens (we’re not sure why but it is something we are always asked for)
Female sanitary items in the bathrooms
Hair grips, bobbles, hair spray etc
Painkillers, deodorant, nail files and heel stoppers if you are expecting them to walk on grass

We also suggest putting together a list of local hotels and taxi firm numbers so they know how to get home or how to party the night away somewhere else!
Organisation Is Key

Having your emergency kits on hand before the big day makes the whole process much smoother. Without a care in the world and knowing you have covered everything and more, you can walk down the aisle with a smile on your face and dance the night away knowing you have spare blister plasters and flat shoes in a bag under the top table.

Take a look at our other blogs to see what other items you need to remember on your wedding day.
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